Contextual advertising

Our digital advertising agency increases the flow of customers
from the Internet through effective maintenance of contextual advertising.
Optimal price of a click, exact targeting and maximum conversion to sales -
Our clients pay money not for transfers to the site,
but for attracting real customers to their business.
Work with all formats of contextual advertising.
We perfectly use creative digital advertising on Google search and advertising networks, dynamic and static re-marketing, social media tools, Google Shops, Look-Alike technology.

Advantage of advertising in the Internet

- is increase sales in the shortest time

We analyze the behavior of the audience in the network. We will help to add creative online advertising, by selecting the most transaction requests and channels with the maximum impact in your subject. We guarantee exact targeting and constant updating of advertisements.

Advanced technology in the service of Internet advertising

Customize call tracking and implement end-to-end analytics. We constantly monitor the ROMI advertising campaign.

During the second month of work we provide 100% success:
the rebuilt architecture of the advertising campaign, the optimal price of the click and the maximum conversion subject to the implementation of all the improvements on the site and in the advertising campaign on the part of the client.

Becoming our client you will receive:
  • To study the demand and behavior of your target audience. The most transaction requests for your advertising campaign and precise targeting.
  • Set up a system for collecting statistics.
  • Track key indicators to monitor the effectiveness of all instruments involved.
  • Quality processing of announcements. Create attractive product listings.
  • Constant growth of CTR ads, lower cost of a click, order, lead, use of the full potential of advertising systems in the interests of your business.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of keywords and the most effective advertising campaign.
  • Redistribution of the budget in favor of the most efficient channels, determination of the feasibility of connecting new ones. The maximum return on advertising.
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